I deliberately limit the participation of rhythmic structures. It allows me to differentiate absorption of light, which as a concentrated or dispersed energy becomes a play of matter and space. Raisin, foil, silk fabric, cotton, paper, pulp, polymer and silver are the main materials, I use to create my own language of expression.  


              In my latest work, I explore the phenomenon of "Intentionality and Unintentionality" in the context of human condition in the modern world.  I am interested in creating minimalist and abstract objects subtly suggesting their source of origin. The Rotomolding technique allows me to create objects that are lightweight, naturally shaped, with element of a chance and unexpectancy that is carefully, calculated in the process of creation. Every design holds a secret inside and in some objects I have designed a tiny peeping hole that will help you to discover it.

I find this an adequate reference to the human spirituality. 



Do you think that jewelry is being standardized?

The world of jewelry functions on several levels; the standard one, which is commercial and the other one, let's say avant-garde, that is formed in the workshops of artists, the creators of the experimental jewelry. There is a whole army of explorers and discoverers of the new formal, intellectual and material solutions. And they are building foundations for the modern and progressive thinking for the jewellery as a contemporary art form. I am mostly interested in the field where the commercial and creative fields are blending with each other. In my work, I employ unusual materials (in this case, plastic bin bags), as they are provoking me to create stylistically beautiful forms, that would meet and fulfill the criteria of the jewelry object. This is the field and form I am trying to explore.

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